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Hi! I am a West Michigan Family Photographer, love all things rainbow baby, give me all the puppies/kittens, a good family vacation is my favorite thing ever, couples are my jam, friendship means so much to me, and couples sessions!
A little about me… I am a fairly simple person in all aspects. It doesn’t take much to make me happy! I love a good pair of tennis shoes, a bike ride and a cup of coffee is my perfect idea of a date night (or any marvel movie would do too), I have watched all of the Gilmore Girls series 4 times (and I am still not sick of it), and I am probably to empathetic about to much in life (like all of the commercials with the dogs seeing their military owners… tears… every time, or how about rainbow babies…)
I absolutely love my husband and our three beautiful kiddos (we have two angel babies in heaven… can’t wait to meet them). They are my world.
I have a huge passion for engagements, maternity sessions, and all things family!! I love serving my clients and investing them fully. I want to be more than just another photographer; I want to be their friend!
Heather Heigel photography started purely as a hobby. Specializing in engagements, family, extended family, maternity, and senior sessions. I have always been so interested in photographing people and never would have dreamed it would become a reality.
I LOVE capturing a families chemistry!! I love telling their story through photos. I photographed my first session at the in 2013 and God has blessed since then with so many amazing people to work with. I feel the most important thing when photographing families is not only capturing their chemistry, but making sure I am the right fit all together. With so many different styles, personalities and visions for each person; the most important thing is that I am able meet each of those needs and desires!!!

You may be a HHeigel client if……
- You use lots of exclamation points when you txt, post, and/or email (I drive my husband batty doing this ha ha!!).
- You aren’t afraid to let loose and have fun.
- You don’t sweat the small stuff, but love the tiny details
- You know your wedding day only last a little while, but your images will last a lifetime.
- You love animals (I love incorporating fur babies into sessions).
- Give me all the glowy light!
- Tacos are life!! ha ha.

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