|Justin & Keeley| Spring Wedding, Coopersville, MI

WHERE DO I BEGIN with these two!?!? Saturday was filled with so much love, thoughtfulness, and the best kind of gifts! We started the day with Ziva & Chester (their doggies) getting ready with floral colors and tux tops. They were actually a part of the bridal party and stood (well Chester laid) with the bridal party up front. It was cracking me up; every time I walked past ziva she would stair me down, ha ha! I may have snuck a few pets in as I passed by her!

Keeley & her daddy’s first look was so touching to watch! Galen (Keeley’s daddy) sang to Justin and her as he walked his littler girl down the aisle. There were a lot of sniffles going on. At first I didn’t realize who was singing. I was trying to look around the room without drawing attention and finally realized it was her daddy!

Keeley & Justin wrote their own vows (I just love it when couples do this)! They both referenced Keeley’s love for rescuing animals and made certain promises pertaining to that as well.

During the reception, one of their good friends (that was unable to attend) was streamed via a special video to congratulate them! One of my favorite parts was the shoe game (not traditionally a photographers favorite part of the day ha ha!). Keeley had planned out an epic surprise for Justin! He had always wanted a golden retriever, and Keeley delivered. The last two questions of the shoe game were…. “who is better at keeping secrets” they both raised Keeley’s shoe, and the final question was “who is getting the puppy they have always wanted”. Justin looked so confused at first. He said he thought Keeley had gotten herself another dog as a wedding gift…well boy was he wrong. Keeley greeted him with the most adorable golden girl! I added a few images of that whole experience below! They are so precious!

Keeley & Justin – thank you so much for having me document your day! We enjoyed getting to know your friends, family & incredible bridal party; everyone was so helpful and kind! Have the best time in Gatlinburg <3

Wedding gown: Beckers Bridal

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