|Tyler & Becca| Sunflower session

We love the Lewis Family! They are a pivotal part of our summer/fall memories as a family, as Lewis Farms has become a go-to family event for us!

When I first started out in wedding photography, it was all trial and error. I had met Becca through a bride that had chosen us both for their venue/photography needs. At that time, Becca had just started to market Lewis Farms as a wedding venue, and I was fresh out-of-the-gate as a wedding photographer. We were both new to the wedding industry, and we sure learned a whole lot that year!

It has been about six years since then, and I’ve had the privilege to conduct multiple photo sessions for the Lewis’s, including Tyler & Becca’s wedding (no pressure, right?!?!?). On top of our “business” interactions, we’ve made many family visits to Lewis Farm, and each time continue to get to know the Lewis’s a little better. I am happy to call these two friends!!! They are both incredible people! They work hard at everything they do, with kindness, great attitudes, and total professionalism. Thankful to know you, Becca & Tyler…Enjoy these photos!

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