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I admire these two so much! They have such a deep connection with each other and it is so evident to those around them! I love how supportive and sweet on each other they are. It is inspiring and made Tony and I want to work on this more in our own marriage. With three kiddos you sometimes forget to be sweet and tender to each other.

This year they will be married for four years; I can’t believe how quickly the has gone. It seems like yesterday Tyler was getting choked up during their first dance as husband and wife.

Amy and Tyler love downtown Greenville, so it was the perfect place to do this session. We took some photos on the Liberty Bridge. They had their first date here and Tyler also proposed at this location. It was so special to do some photos here.


Chelsea & Derek Wintry Engagement

Such a pleasure to work with these two.  They had so much fun with this photo shoot.  It was literally 4 degrees out during this session.  We took a few breaks to warm up, but the outcome was simply gorgeous.  I cannot wait until their wedding day.  Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session.  

Kelly & Brian Engagements Ludington State park

I had the privilege of meeting these two at Kelly's sisters wedding.  For their engagements we braved the cold and went out to Ludington State Park.  It was beautiful and these two were troopers.  I loved getting to know them more personally through doing the engagement session.  I cannot stress the importance of doing an engagement session with your photographer.  It provides insight to what your needs may be on the wedding day and how I can serve you best <3.  Enjoy this extended preview of their engagement session.  

Makayla & Eric Engagement Ludington State Park

Gahhh so loved working with these two.... well 3 :-D They were so easy going!  I love doing engagements because I am able to get to know the couple so much more throughout the session.  Enjoy this extended preview of Makayla & Eric.  

Alli & John Engagement Ludington State Park

  Alli is my cousin but more like little sis (to me)! I remember having lots of laughs with this one; over what.... you probably don't want to know.  I can't believe she is old enough to get married! It means I am getting old ha ha.  Couldn't imagine a better life partner for her though.  John you have a gem on your arm and I am so happy for both of you both.  I cannot wait to celebrate your day with you both next December.  Love ya's!!!!

For now here is an extended preview of their engagement session!

Kristen & Scott, Lewis Farms

I am so excited to start doing engagement sessions again!! I had the privilege of photographing Kristen & Scott's Engagement photos last fall at Lewis Farms (favorite wedding venue to date!!) I can't wait until Kristen and Scott's wedding day this summer!!! Here is a sneak preview of their engagement session. 


Leah & Cody Engagements Muskegon, Mi

I met Leah through our dental office.  She and Cody were dating at that time, but her twin sister was planning to get married soon.  She referred me to her sister, Ashley, and I ended up doing their engagement and wedding photos.  I was able to get to know Leah quite a bit as she was the MOH for her sisters wedding.  I was so incredibly excited when I saw that Cody and her were engaged, and I count it a great honor and privilege to be photographing their wedding at Lewis Orchard Weddings!!!.