I first met Eric in 6th grade. We went to the same school for a year. Our family changed churches when I was 16, and I met dear, sweet Jackie during that time. She has always been the kindest young lady! It has been such a privilege to see Eric’s life grow to where he […]

Tony & I met Big E and Lacey about two years ago! We were contemplating moving up to Ludington for school for Owen and church for our family! The Lindenau family was nothing but inviting, kind, and made us feel so at home, even before we had moved. Lacey & Big E have the incredible […]

GAHHH!!! These two are the sweetest! Kylee & Alex are living in Colorado, and had flown in for a wedding this weekend. I had met Kylee several years back through a mutual friend, but because of the distance and conflicting schedules I hadn’t been able to meet Alex until now! In prep for their upcoming […]

We could not have had a more perfect day for these two and their engagement session. It was in the 50’s and the sun was shining. We were able to use a blooming magnolia tree and a few sweet cherry trees were also beginning to bloom! Tuna & Willow are both incredibly hard workers! I […]

Chelsea & Derek had INCREDIBLE taste when it came to their wedding day!  It was all about the vintage touches.  Chelsea’s ring was a gorgeous, vintage ring.  Derek did a great job picking a ring that screamed Chelsea!  Emerald green was the accent color, and there were splashes of it everywhere.  Her clucth purse, the […]

We took a last minute family vacation before Tony went back to work this month! We went down to Greenville, SC to visit Tony’s brothers and their families. The weather was literally perfect: sunny and 75 degrees! I personally had been to Greenville for a wedding about a year ago, but we weren’t able to […]

Makayla & Eric are two of the most fantastic people to be around! Makayla is laid back and hilarious. She was so easy to work with! I was 28 weeks pregnant, and they were so considerate and kind when it came to this. They checked on me throughout the day and specifically asked me prior […]

This month has been so busy!! Well life is constantly busy with three kiddos ha ha :-D. Tony has gotten 16 weeks off for paternity leave, and I literally don’t know what I would do without him (I guess I would just have to suck it up and deal ha ha).  It has flown by!  […]

Tony & I were asked to attend a vendor appreciation event and snap a few photos of their new wedding reception space. Let me just say: it is GORGEOUS1!! I shot a wedding there in 2017, and this is SUCH AN UPGRADE! This space is perfect for hosting about 250 guests at a reception with […]

Fun fact about me ha ha! I empathize (probably way too much) if I  relate  to someones pain I tend to walk through it it mentally & emotionally with them (to a certain degree).   So this story is especially close to my heart.  Melanie & I met in college many moons ago.    Long story short […]






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