Personal Engagement Wedding Anniversary


|Lewis Orchard Weddings| Styled shoot with Lindsey & Nick

I cannot say enough good about this entire shoot. First of all Lindsey and Nick are two of my favorite people! They make me laugh every time I am around them! They have the best relationship: goofy, fun, yet their chemistry is undeniable. They are both laid back and up for anything! Lindsey did almost land on her face when she tripped over a branch! I got the best photo of her reaction afterwards (I will note it below), and Nick has the best Zoolander impression ever…just saying.

I have worked with All Occasions here in Ludington a few times before this and absolutely love their style and vision for florals. I looked on Pinterest and described that I was envisioning neutrals with eucalyptus (super vague) and they slammed it out to the park. It was exactly what I was looking for! I am kind of obsessed with the garden style of bouquet!!! They were so kind to donate their time and talents for this shoot!

Last, but certainly not least: Lewis Orchard Weddings (MY FAVORITE VENUE). I have been in business for about 7 years, and they are my favorite venue and people to work with when it comes to weddings. They opened up the bridal suite for Lindsey and Nick to get ready in and allowed us to use their gorgeous property. If you are hoping for a shabby chic look for your wedding, then this is the place for you! Who wouldn’t want to get married IN THE MIDDLE OF AN APPLE ORCHARD?!?!? They have a field, peach trees, cherry trees, apple trees, pumpkin patch, barns, and much more.

THANK YOU ALL for your help with this styled shoot. It was a blast, and I hope you all enjoy this preview of it!

Florals: All Occasions Events & Florals (Ludington, Mi)

Dress: Beckers Bridal (Fowler, Mi)

Venue: Lewis Orchard Weddings (New Era, Mi)



|Tuna & Willow| Spring Engagement session- Lewis Orchard Weddings

We could not have had a more perfect day for these two and their engagement session. It was in the 50’s and the sun was shining. We were able to use a blooming magnolia tree and a few sweet cherry trees were also beginning to bloom!

Tuna & Willow are both incredibly hard workers! I admire that about them! Tuna owns his own painting company now and has more business than he has time for. They both are working full time jobs, planning their wedding, and work with the youth group at their local church. I was so happy to be able to spend a few hours with them to capture the essence of their relationship. It was literally the easiest thing ever. they are both so photogenic.

At the end of the session I left my camera bag in the middle of a field and headed home. YES! you read that correctly. I had a heart attack when I realized it was in fact NOT in my vehicle but 35 minutes away from me in a cold dark field. Thankfully after a phone call to a friend it was safely indoors and I was able to pick it up the next day! Apparently I was so excited about their session that I left $8000 dollars in the middle a field ha ha!

Enjoy this extended preview!

Huge thank you to Lewis Orchard Weddings for allowing us to use their gorgeous property and for saving my camera equipment!!



|Chelsea & Derek| Fall Wedding, Black Barn Vineyard

Chelsea & Derek had INCREDIBLE taste when it came to their wedding day!  It was all about the vintage touches.  Chelsea’s ring was a gorgeous, vintage ring.  Derek did a great job picking a ring that screamed Chelsea!  Emerald green was the accent color, and there were splashes of it everywhere.  Her clucth purse, the florals, and the bridesmaids dresses were all emerald green.  

Their Venue was perfect for their style.  It was shabby chic all the way.  They got married behind a gorgeous vineyard under a huge, oak tree.  The sun was shining through the branches just right. 

Chelsea & Derek were so thoughtful to each other in the way of gifts.  Derek gave Chelsea this gorgeous wooden sign that included their significant relationship dates, and Chelsea had these fantastic socks that had their two cats actual faces on them!  

During the Ceremony all of the emotions came out from Chelsea & Derek and their families.  When I initially met Derek at their engagement session I wouldn’t have expected the emotion that tore through him during the ceremony.  

At the reception one of the grandmothers gave them a gorgeous quilt that she had made.  This was so sentimental for the couple.  

We loved working with the Black Barn Vineyard and their staff.  They were so kind and helpful.  It is always the cherry on top when the vendors are kind and support of each other!! 

Enjoy this extended preview of Chelsea & Dereks wedding day!




I admire these two so much! They have such a deep connection with each other and it is so evident to those around them! I love how supportive and sweet on each other they are. It is inspiring and made Tony and I want to work on this more in our own marriage. With three kiddos you sometimes forget to be sweet and tender to each other.

This year they will be married for four years; I can’t believe how quickly the has gone. It seems like yesterday Tyler was getting choked up during their first dance as husband and wife.

Amy and Tyler love downtown Greenville, so it was the perfect place to do this session. We took some photos on the Liberty Bridge. They had their first date here and Tyler also proposed at this location. It was so special to do some photos here.




We took a last minute family vacation before Tony went back to work this month! We went down to Greenville, SC to visit Tony’s brothers and their families. The weather was literally perfect: sunny and 75 degrees! I personally had been to Greenville for a wedding about a year ago, but we weren’t able to explore much. This time however, we went to the zoo, the children’s museum, and downtown Greenville! We ate at some amazing restaurants (thanks Ty & Amy :-)). We Tried out Willies Tacos, Fork & Plough, Stax, and we always try to add in a Wingstop dinner or two while we are on vacation!

My favorite part was seeing Tony and his brothers be able to spend some quality time together…just the three of them! They all have very busy lives, and had kind of lost touch over the years but were able to really reconnect on this trip! I enjoyed spending time with my sister-in-law Amy; she is a kindred spirit and let all FIVE of us stay at their home for over a week!! The kids enjoyed spending time with Uncle T-Money, Aunt Amy, Uncle Thadeous, and Ava. We had a bonfire at Tad and his wife Shannon’s home on Saturday evening! Shannon had just gotten home from a cruise! Originally we weren’t going to be able to spend time with her because we were suppose to leave that night, but we had some car troubles and were able to stay a couple of extra days! I was so thankful we could see Shannon because of it! Here are some pictures from our trip!



Makayla & Eric Wedding | September 29, 2018 | Frauenthal Theater | Muskegon, Mi

Makayla & Eric are two of the most fantastic people to be around! Makayla is laid back and hilarious. She was so easy to work with! I was 28 weeks pregnant, and they were so considerate and kind when it came to this. They checked on me throughout the day and specifically asked me prior to the wedding if there was anything that would make the day go smooth for me… SO SWEET!

When I initially did their engagement photos they had recently gotten a puppy, Henley, and seriously…one of the cutest dogs ever. She is their “baby” and I looooovvveee that they incorporated her in their wedding day! Makayla’s mom was trying to get Henley’s attention for a photo; Henley tore off towards me and Makayla hung on to the leash ha ha! Thankfully no Grass stains appeared on her gorgeous wedding dress, and we got the shot!

I loved working with Makayla & Eric, their bridal party, and their families! One fabulous thing about wedding photography is building a community by working with so many fabulous people throughout a wedding day! I have been able to build relationships with three other brides by working with these two! Because Makayla and Eric are such awesome people they also have and attract awesome friends that I get the privilege of working with! This has been how I have grown my business: through word of mouth from my amazing couples. I can not be more thankful for this!

Enjoy this extended preview of their wedding day!