|Aubrey & Bryan| Engagements Lewis Orchard Weddings


I love these two!!! I met Aubrey a few years back. She was a bridesmaid for a previous Hheigel bride. I immediately recognized her name when she initially inquired. My favorite way to meet new brides is through their friends!

We initially planned on a Friday evening for their photos, but the weather called for 100% chance of thunder storms. Thankfully we were both available the very next morning. While I was driving to the New Era area the clouds were so thick…I literally prayed that the sun would peak out just for a few of their photos so they would have that warm pop and glow. As the sun continued to rise, the clouds took off in the opposite direction. -happy dance-

It was a great time getting to know them as a couple. I can’t wait for their wedding day; it is going to be EPIC!!! Now enjoy this extended preview!



|Colleen & Austin| Ludington State Park


I was fully expecting this engagement session to be cloudy. It was for 90% of it, but the sun popped out right at the end and Colleen & Austin were all about going to the beach! My favorite photos came from that last 10 minutes of the session! I really appreciated the trust they had in my creative decision making.

Colleen is so sweet and Austin is hilarious! I met this dear couple at Colleen’s brother’s wedding last year! Colleen was a bridesmaid in the wedding! I loved being able to get to know her and Austin even more at their engagement session. They are absolutely perfect for each other. I cannot wait to spend more time with them and their family & friends on their wedding day next year.

Loved seeing you all again! Enjoy!



|Tyler & Becca| Sunflower session


We love the Lewis Family! They are a pivotal part of our summer/fall memories as a family, as Lewis Farms has become a go-to family event for us!

When I first started out in wedding photography, it was all trial and error. I had met Becca through a bride that had chosen us both for their venue/photography needs. At that time, Becca had just started to market Lewis Farms as a wedding venue, and I was fresh out-of-the-gate as a wedding photographer. We were both new to the wedding industry, and we sure learned a whole lot that year!

It has been about six years since then, and I’ve had the privilege to conduct multiple photo sessions for the Lewis’s, including Tyler & Becca’s wedding (no pressure, right?!?!?). On top of our “business” interactions, we’ve made many family visits to Lewis Farm, and each time continue to get to know the Lewis’s a little better. I am happy to call these two friends!!! They are both incredible people! They work hard at everything they do, with kindness, great attitudes, and total professionalism. Thankful to know you, Becca & Tyler…Enjoy these photos!



|Willow & Tuna| Ludington wedding

I absolutely love Willow and Tuna as individuals…. and as a couple!!! We have been able to get to know Tuna’s family very well over the past few years! We moved from Muskegon to Ludington about two years ago and joined their church! We love their sweet family and it was an honor to be part of their wedding day!

Willow had a very distinct vibe she wanted for their wedding day! BOHO would be how I describe it! She found the perfect dress from Anthropology and her flower crown…. was incredible. One of her favorite accessories were her shoes… you’ll see why below!!

Willow’s sweet daddy was taken to heaven much too soon! It was super important to her that she walk herself down to her husband to be! I admire her strength in that! Willow knew exactly what she wanted and it all came together beautifully! She gave a sweet speech In honor of her mom and dad! It was a tender moment! Her parents wedding bands were tied to her bouquet. All of these nuances were subtle but, they were exactly how Willow wanted to incorporate her dad!

Willow & Tuna I am super proud of both of you! you are both so hard working people! I can’t wait to see you both grow as a couple! Thanks for having us be part of your day!



|Jessie & Tyler| Ludington Wedding

Saturday we were able to stay right in our little beach town of Ludington for Jessie & Tyler’s wedding! It was a beautiful sunny day and had the perfect breeze coming off of the lake.

When I first met Jessie & Tyler last year, they were in the midst of dental school. I remember them bringing Jessi'e’s sweet dog Lady with them to their engagement shoot! Naturally she was apart of their wedding day! She is one of the most well behaved dogs I have ever interacted with.

One of my favorite parts about photographing weddings is getting to know the couples, their friends, and their family! It is so evident how each couple has impacted those around them, especially on a wedding day! Tyler and Jessie have definitely impacted so many! I loved seeing the love and support that came bursting from their family and friends!

My favorite part of Jessie & Tyler’s day was their first look. They wrote their own vows and read them to each other during this time. It is such an honor to be a part of such pivotal moments.

Jessie & Tyler we loved spending the day with you both!

Vendor Information

Reception- The Lake House, Ludington, Mi

Catering- Table 14, Ludington, Mi

Florist- Bela Florals

DJ- Adam Knudsen

Brides dress- Madison James

Cake- Britters Twisted Whisk

Videographer- Adam Wheeler, AW Film and Photo



|Alex & Kylee| Wedding day

Saturday was nothing short of perfection! Kylee & Alex’s wedding day was so full of love, support, and amazing moments! This sweet bride was missing an important person on her wedding day, her sweet momma. This incredible lady was most definitely not forgot. There were little nuances of her in every aspect of their wedding day! Kylee wore her mommas shirt while she was getting ready, there was a photo of her tied to the bouquet, Kylee laid her favorite flower next to a photo of her during the ceremony, and Kylee and her dad danced to her mom and dad’s first dance song. There were so may other little mentions, memories and moments that described the amazing woman she was. Although she wasn’t physically there she was constantly thought of, mentioned, and remembered throughout their wedding day!

The weather was pretty much perfect! It was a little warm, but there was a breeze that kept everyone comfortable. Can we just talk about Kylee’s dress. It was literally made for this sweet bride. Her sister-in-law Amanda was superwoman. She did hair, bridesmaid duties, her four beautiful kiddos were in the bridal party, and she helped Kylee into her dress (and about 4,000 other things throughout the day). Pete (Kylee’s older brother) officiated their wedding and it was so well thought out and heartfelt. It was traditional, but not the standard go to wedding ceremony. Kylee & Alex wrote their own vows to each other and killed it (and I don’t think either of them cried). Kylee’s younger brother Dillon was her Man of Honor. He was Kylee’s “kick-stand” the entire day; getting water, meeting vendors, speeches, noogies (yes you read that right, see photos below), and so much more. Donald (also Kylee’s brother) and his girlfriend were heavily involved with making their day amazing as well.

Kylee & Alex we can’t thank you enough for having us be apart of your wedding day! It was such a joy to work with all of you and your sweet families. Enjoy this extended preview of your day!



|Eric & Jackie|

I first met Eric in 6th grade. We went to the same school for a year. Our family changed churches when I was 16, and I met dear, sweet Jackie during that time. She has always been the kindest young lady! It has been such a privilege to see Eric’s life grow to where he is today. Tony and I are so proud of who he has become! Jackie, you are the perfect fit for Eric. I have loved seeing you two together… how you work together and fill the missing pieces each of you had. Jackie, you challenge me to be a better person. Your daddy’s speech was a true testament of the incredible, godly woman you have become.

Saturday was the perfect July summer day. We got some great outdoor shots before and after, but an indoor ceremony and reception with great a/c was welcomed! And how cool was it that Jackie & Eric got married at the same church they had both grown up in.

Hope you two are enjoying your honeymoon! <3