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Fun fact about me ha ha! I empathize (probably way too much) if I  relate  to someones pain I tend to walk through it it mentally & emotionally with them (to a certain degree).   So this story is especially close to my heart.  Melanie & I met in college many moons ago.  

 Long story short we have walked similar  paths with losing precious babies during pregnancies .   So while they are so different in many ways;  there were also similar heartache, insecurities and fears.  

We had the amazing experience of our rainbow baby last February 2017 Leighton was born February 14, 2017.  Valentines has a much deeper meaning for us now.  In June 2017 we were living happily in Muskegon Mi and over a period of two months God swiftly moved us to Ludington, MI and wouldn’t you know moved us right to a church where Mel & her Husband Nathan were the assistant pastor and wife.  

I remember when Melanie nervously/excitedly expressed that she was 10 weeks along with her little one.  I was so excited to be able  to document all of these moments for them in celebration of this baby girl who wouldn’t take away the pain of loss they have experienced, but I hoped she would put a gap in the hole left in their hearts as Leighton did for ours.  So from pregnancy announcement photos, to the gender reveal, to the maternity photos, birth photos, and baby girls newborn photos many a tear were shed  for this sweet family.   Some grieving tears, some nervous, but mostly happy tears.  I was talking with them while we “patiently” waited for miss Felicity to “get outta her momma” that a year ago March 13 I would have never guessed God would have me waiting to take photos of this precious miracle.  I had a one month old myself and had no idea what God had in store for us this coming year.  

We were talking yesterday in Sunday school about how God takes us through trials or allows us to go through things that we may not understand why we went through them.  As I walked though the loss of two of our babies while others seemed to get pregnant with such ease or without planning or trying I asked God regular “why” I don’t understand what I have done wrong not to be able to keep these precious ones here or to be able to raise them.  Although I may not know all of the reason why one thing I am thankful to understand (to an extent) when someone else walks through these dark valleys.  There is hope always in Jesus and He mercifully provides healing for our hearts.  Although the memories and aching hearts won’t ever be gone from those losses rainbow babies sure have a way of making that giant hole In your heart smaller.  

I hope these photos tell a story <3 that is what my goal is with photography is telling someones story; capturing the emotion or relationship of those who are with them.  










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