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This month has been so busy!! Well life is constantly busy with three kiddos ha ha :-D. Tony has gotten 16 weeks off for paternity leave, and I literally don’t know what I would do without him (I guess I would just have to suck it up and deal ha ha).  It has flown by!  He has a few more weeks off, and then with a whole lotta prayer I will continue keeping everyone alive on my own, but…at least it will be warm outside!  

Tony has been doing maple syrup.  We use it quite a bit and have several maple trees on our property, and he would be bored out of his mind if he didn’t have something to work towards…so that is what he has done.  We will end up with about 3 gallons (we pulled the taps last week).  We are currently trying to sleep train our little Gray.  He takes after his older brother with his hate of sleep ha ha, but he is getting there! 

On a super personal note something that has been a burden on my heart over the past few months are a few friends from college who have been going through the fire.  I am an empathizer, and this always makes me feel like I can’t do enough for friends and family when they go though a hard time.  One of my friends lost her husband of 7 years; she has 2 boys and a baby girl on the way.  My dorm supervisor during college is on her second battle with brain cancer; she has two small boys.  On my worst day I look at both of those women and want to slap myself back to reality.  I have so much to be thankful for and instead of sulking in my own “issues” (if you would even call them that) I can invest time in prayer for others. Enough of the heavy 😀

We currently have 7 hens and this past week we got a rooster (for the girls protection). The kiddos named him Rocky; he is a Barred Rock/Black Australorp.  He is super sweet and mellow!  We got 6 more hens back in February.  We are hoping to give some responsibility to Owen so he can learn a little bit of a work ethic and sell the eggs.  We got 2 Brahmas and 4 Isa Browns.  All of them are super glad to have warmer weather!

Enjoy a few of these photos from our personal life over the last month! <3

  1. Karen says:

    We continue to rejoice over God’s goodness and grace in your family. Thank you for sharing these things.
    Your pictures are great…the kids are all growing so well and what a joy to see those healthy smiles. ❤️

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