|Tuna & Willow| Spring Engagement session- Lewis Orchard Weddings

We could not have had a more perfect day for these two and their engagement session. It was in the 50’s and the sun was shining. We were able to use a blooming magnolia tree and a few sweet cherry trees were also beginning to bloom!

Tuna & Willow are both incredibly hard workers! I admire that about them! Tuna owns his own painting company now and has more business than he has time for. They both are working full time jobs, planning their wedding, and work with the youth group at their local church. I was so happy to be able to spend a few hours with them to capture the essence of their relationship. It was literally the easiest thing ever. they are both so photogenic.

At the end of the session I left my camera bag in the middle of a field and headed home. YES! you read that correctly. I had a heart attack when I realized it was in fact NOT in my vehicle but 35 minutes away from me in a cold dark field. Thankfully after a phone call to a friend it was safely indoors and I was able to pick it up the next day! Apparently I was so excited about their session that I left $8000 dollars in the middle a field ha ha!

Enjoy this extended preview!

Huge thank you to Lewis Orchard Weddings for allowing us to use their gorgeous property and for saving my camera equipment!!

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