|Landi & Jake| Bella Maria’s Event Center

I was so excited for this past Saturday’s wedding to be able to spend the day with Landi & Jake. Landi is so hilarious. I am quite gullible (so some of her sarcasm goes right over my head), but that almost made it more comical. Landi & Jake have been together since they were 14 and 15, and 11 years later they tied the knot. They have both worked their way through nursing school and medical school while planning their wedding!

They had both mentioned they weren’t good at photos, but SERIOUSLY have you seen them in the images below?!?!?! Well you can’t say that anymore you guys!!

My Favorite part of their wedding was hearing Landi’s sister and Jacobs brother’s speeches. There were lots of laughs and even some tears. I learned much more about them during those speeches! Landi & Jake have made an impact on a lot of lives, and it was evident on their wedding day. SO MUCH LOVE & SUPPORT was there for them! Landi’s dad also wrote a speech for them and can we just say…tears….

I hope you enjoy these images from their gorgeous wedding day!!

  1. Linda Block says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple.

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