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I first met Eric in 6th grade. We went to the same school for a year. Our family changed churches when I was 16, and I met dear, sweet Jackie during that time. She has always been the kindest young lady! It has been such a privilege to see Eric’s life grow to where he is today. Tony and I are so proud of who he has become! Jackie, you are the perfect fit for Eric. I have loved seeing you two together… how you work together and fill the missing pieces each of you had. Jackie, you challenge me to be a better person. Your daddy’s speech was a true testament of the incredible, godly woman you have become.

Saturday was the perfect July summer day. We got some great outdoor shots before and after, but an indoor ceremony and reception with great a/c was welcomed! And how cool was it that Jackie & Eric got married at the same church they had both grown up in.

Hope you two are enjoying your honeymoon! <3

  1. Traci Trogen says:

    Beautiful day for a beautiful bride and a handsome groom! Thanks so much Heather !

    • Heather Heigel says:

      Absolutely my pleasure Traci <3 you have a fabulous family! Jackie is so beautiful inside and out! <3

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