|Anniversary trip/ KJ Event|

This blog post is incredibly late ha ha! Life has been crazy around here! I figured everyone would enjoy anyways! Tony and I decided about a year ago that we were going to take an anniversary trip in December of this year! We were heading to Richmond for my business course with Katelyn James (if you don’t follow here you should). The last course was live! We decided since DC was about 3 hours away we would go their first! Can I just say… we should have done this along time ago! It was so incredible for our marriage, stress levels, and brain! We felt so rejuvenated when we returned!

Now onto the Business Journey Event through Katelyn James’s Business Journey… I CANNOT say enough good about this incredible family! Katelyn, Michael, and their entire team OUTDID themselves. It was not just a business course it was a life course! I cried probably 4 times throughout the 8 hour day due to the passion this sweet momma has for her family, kiddos, and Jesus! Katelyn and Michael actually did a life coaching session in front of 400 people. This was so impactful (and talk about vunerability)! I cannot thank them enough for using their real life to encourage others in so many ways. Enjoy a few images from our time away!

We also had the insane privilege of being apart of a fellow Photographers branding session and she was kind enough to give us the images! It was such a privilege to work with Marianne (pictured above)! Her and her husband are incredible parents, entrepreneurs and just humans in general! Love you guys! PC Marianne Lucas Photography & Cinematography

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