|Alex & Matt Elopement|

Oh COVID, how you have disrupted sooo much of so many peoples lives. Taking our loved ones… taking our moments… taking our sanity… Our sweet family has been fortunate through this time. Yes, there are added stresses… if we watch the news or Facebook two much these days my anxiety kicks into high gear. But my heart has ached for all of you sweet couples that have had your wedding plans derailed. I have personally seen my own sweet couples change dates… choose to deviate from their destination wedding plans… and elope… I think the thing that speaks to me the most is seeing my sweet brides having to stress up until the DAY of their weddings wondering do we postpone… do we downsize… do we change venues… how do we keep everyone safe… and a million other questions and decisions that shouldn’t have to be apart of your day! For all of this extra stress, heartbreak, and uneasiness, I am sorry you’re having to go through this. But take some encouragement that all is not lost. Love can be found and most importantly, strengthened, even in the toughest of times!! That is why I am so honored to be apart of such special moments even in a heartbreaking wedding year…

I first got a email from Matt on July 3… He and his sweet bride had gotten engaged a year ago. They got up early to go for a walk and Matt proposed by the Sutton Place Park. They were planning a court house wedding in New York City and a party with friends and family after at the River Café. They were about to reserve their place and set things in stone when covid travel restrictions went into place… Alex and Matt both have family in Europe and when the travel ban was put into place March 24 they were left waiting to see what would happened. They eventually quarantined in West Michigan with other family members for about 2 months waiting to see if Michigan, New York (their current living location) or Connecticut (new job relocation) was going to open up for marriage licenses and they said “Michigan surprised us”. This supposed magical time became a not-so-ordinary occasion. Alex ordered 3 white dresses online of all different styles and tried them one for her cousins. Matt FaceTimed with his mom and had her overnight some clothes for their wedding day. Since so many vital family members were unable to come because of the travel bans they decide to have two “neutral/non-family members” witness their intimate and private beach wedding. Obviously, there were heartbreaks and disappointments for this sweet couple but they swallowed all of those negative emotions and moved on with what they had… their love and resolve to get married!! Their excitement was so genuine and sweet…. they embraced their imperfect wedding day and just enjoyed it! Their parents sent letters that were read during their ceremony…. *cue all the tears* and I just LOVEDDD this so much! Their sweet dog sat so well during the ceremony but couldn’t resist taking a dip before it started ha ha 😀 After having plans be in limbo and uncertain for so long they were so thankful to be legally joined in marriage. It was so lovely to see how they respected and incorporated vital family members who weren’t able to be there in person. Alex’s dad even sent a gorgeous bouquet of white roses for their special day. When they walked back up from the beach to join a small group of family and friends to celebrate, they were met with all of their family and friends throwing bird seed at them (and even some of the neighbors joined in)! Thank you Alex & Matt for letting me be apart of your day, and for showing everyone that even when plans change, true love can fight through even the darkest times and shine bright!!

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