|Jared & Karleigh| Blossom Engagement Session

These two…cue the tears! Let me tell you all the story. Jared has been a family friend for quite a while now. I had the privilege of taking his senior photos as well as his bother’s wedding photos a couple years back. My kids call him “the giant”. I first met Karleigh and her amazing family while doing her senior photos. Fast forward to present day and her momma is one of my dearest friends. My folks and I had talked about how Jared and her would be a sweet couple (they had never heard of each other).

While Karleigh was home from college last year (around Christmas) I randomly asked if she minded if we shared her contact info with a friend of ours (we had Jared in mind)! She cautiously agreed, and 45 minutes later she got a Facebook message from Jared…AND NOW LOOK AT THEM! Her momma said she blames me for this, but I told her when the grand-babies come along she can blame me then too, ha ha. I am so very thankful God has these two fit for each other! They are both incredible people, and we cannot wait to celebrate with them this August! So proud of you both Jared and Karleigh! Hope you enjoy this extended preview!
  1. Bekah says:

    You’re right! I do blame you! Lol. But I’m very thankful. I love every picture. You’ve captured their relationship perfectly. So excited for the wedding pics but I’m ok with the wait. I need my heart to mend from these. 😉

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