|Karleigh & Jared| Free Soil, MI

Such a sweet couple! Karleigh and Jared hold a very special place in our hearts. Both of their families (parents, siblings, and grandparents) hold a very dear place in our lives. Karleigh’s momma is one of my very dear friends, her Nana was our little guy’s favorite Sunday school teacher, and Jared’s grandparents are like adopted grandparents to me! We have made many memories with all involved from Canada fishing trips, senior photos, pool days, chasing baby cows, weird TikTok trends, and a million other things! Needless to say, WE LOVE them both and their families! It was an awesome experience being there for their wedding day and we counted it such an honor. Can’t wait to see the beautiful little redheaded babies that come from these two (in like 5 years, right Jared?) haha! Enjoy this extended preview of their wedding day!
  1. Kim Spuller says:

    Karleigh and Jared… I will be praying for your new life together 💗 I am so grateful for the Godly heritage that you both have been blessed with. Your day looked amazing 😍 The pictures are beautiful. So happy for both of you!!

  2. Denise Waters says:

    You can see, hear, and feel the love and laughter!
    Congratulations you two!
    In Jesus, Denise Waters

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