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Such a sweet, sweet couple! Josie and Joel had so many small thoughtful things throughout their wedding day. Josie’s mom grew all of the reception table florals and decorated them herself! At each of the tables, they shared some of one of their favorite locations, a photo of themselves, and a little story behind its special meaning. They exchanged gifts, shared a moment with their parents during the ceremony, and took a moment for everyone to say a prayer for their new marriage! A lot of Josie’s family are located in New Zealand and were not able to attend but a few send sweet notes that her dad read during the reception. The mother-son dance touched my soul <3 Needless to say for it being 95 degrees out these two did a FANTASTIC job being out in that heat, and thankfully the reception area was nice and air-conditioned! We were able to take small breaks to reboot between the portraits, which all parties were thankful for! The venue and their team were so incredibly helpful and sweet; we loved working with them! Josie and Joel, we are so honored to be a part of your wedding day! Can’t thank you enough for having us there! Enjoy this extended preview!

  1. Ivan says:

    Amazing photos what a great day and looked
    Like you guys had a cool night dancing , we would have been there if things had allowed us. Fun times ahead uncle ivan

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