Rainbow baby: Leighton Turns 1

Leigh Leigh girl where do I begin. We prayed and prayed for you.  God sure helped healed some of that whole in our hearts with your existence.  After two years of trying and two sweet babies in heaven we found out on Fathers day weekend that our little miracle  was in route.  God has something great in store for you and we can't wait to see how you will be used for Him.  HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY LEIGH LEIGH GIRL.  

A piece of my heart: Owen Turns 5

This precious soul made me a momma.  I have learned so much from him and for him.  This time five years ago I was laboring in the hospital.  My water had broken at about 1:30am and he was born at about 3:31 pm.  He was 7 lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long.  He had no hair but he was the most beautiful baby boy.  

Owen has always been a tenderhearted little man.  He has been very teachable (minus naps & bedtimes - we had a few rough ones with that).  Owen asked Jesus to come into his heart on October 29 of this past year.  One of the sweetest moments is being able to be a part of your children's salvation.  He was struggling with being a happy boy because he was quite tired from the day.  I had asked what he needed to do (thinking he would apologize); he followed it up with "I need to ask Jesus into my heart".  Tony and I dropped what we were doing and slowly (rushing) went over to him and asked a few questions to be sure he understood it.  He bowed his head and Tony was able to help him ask Jesus into his heart.  We had prayed for that since before he was born, and are so thankful God answered that prayer.  

Here are a few photos from Owen's first 5 years of life.  I am wishing it would slow down or that he would just stay 5 forever, but I know God has an amazing plan for this sweet boy.  I pray we guide and teach him the best we can so someday he fulfills this plan.  We love you little buddy.  Thanks for being our best friend and the best son anyone could ask for.  We pray we are our best for you and your baby sister.  Owen is the sweetest big brother ever!!!!

PS: my photography career started as a result of Owen and wanted to capture his moments growing up, so no judgement on the first few years's photos.  ha ha ha ha ha 

Mia & Jon 1-18-18 Grand Haven, Mi

This past Thursday, I had the pleasure of doing the photography for my sister-in-law's wedding.  I really have enjoyed getting to know these two and their beautiful daughter, Rylee.  It was such a privilege to take a part in and help to capture some of the moments from their Big Day!  They chose a simple ceremony, at the court house in downtown Grand Haven (which gave us some great options for downtown outdoor pictures!).  Mia and Jon both went all-out on their attire and accessories for the day, and I think they both had a lot of fun with it.  

The weather was quite brisk, but they braved the cold so we could get in some nice shots.  I also really enjoyed photographing all of the details they had picked out.  Enjoy this extended preview of their wedding day.  

Capenter Maternity session

I have personally prayed for this sweet miracle for two years.  This family is very near and dear to my heart.  I am so excited for the blessing God has given them with their baby girl.  Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session.

Chelsea & Derek Wintry Engagement

Such a pleasure to work with these two.  They had so much fun with this photo shoot.  It was literally 4 degrees out during this session.  We took a few breaks to warm up, but the outcome was simply gorgeous.  I cannot wait until their wedding day.  Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session.  

Kelly & Brian Engagements Ludington State park

I had the privilege of meeting these two at Kelly's sisters wedding.  For their engagements we braved the cold and went out to Ludington State Park.  It was beautiful and these two were troopers.  I loved getting to know them more personally through doing the engagement session.  I cannot stress the importance of doing an engagement session with your photographer.  It provides insight to what your needs may be on the wedding day and how I can serve you best <3.  Enjoy this extended preview of their engagement session.  

Giddings Family 2017 Ludington State Park

So thankful to have met the Giddings family.  They were to kind and their little man was so sweet and happy <3 Enjoy this extended preview of their family session.  


We had these two over for a movie on Friday evening and I looked outside when the movie was over and IT WAS SNOWING like.... snow globe snowing :-D They had no choice but to come outside so I could take these pictures :-D did I mention that I LOVE SNOW? 

Shelbey & Lance Family photos, Christmas Tree Farm

I just love these 3.  I absolutely LOVE what I do.  I count it such a privilege to document a families moments.  From engagements, to wedding, newborns and now 6 months.  This isn't just a job for me I truly enjoy being apart of the little moments in someones life.  Enjoy this preview of their family session.

Rachel & Wade Wedding Muskegon, MI

This was such a wonderful day to be apart of with Rachel & Wade!!! I truly enjoyed getting to know them! I was able to assist Deb Kalsbeek ( Snap shot moments) on this wedding which was such a joy.  I really enjoyed working with her and learned so much.  I never want stop growing and learning.  I feel like in the world of photography you can ALWAYS learn something new!!! Enjoy this extended preview of Rachel & Wades wedding day!

Makayla & Eric Engagement Ludington State Park

Gahhh so loved working with these two.... well 3 :-D They were so easy going!  I love doing engagements because I am able to get to know the couple so much more throughout the session.  Enjoy this extended preview of Makayla & Eric.  

Alli & John Engagement Ludington State Park

  Alli is my cousin but more like little sis (to me)! I remember having lots of laughs with this one; over what.... you probably don't want to know.  I can't believe she is old enough to get married! It means I am getting old ha ha.  Couldn't imagine a better life partner for her though.  John you have a gem on your arm and I am so happy for both of you both.  I cannot wait to celebrate your day with you both next December.  Love ya's!!!!

For now here is an extended preview of their engagement session!

Rian & David Wildwood Farms Alto, Mi 2017

Rian & David are such kind people and it was so easy and fun to work with them and their families.  Their wedding day was gorgeous.  Surrounded by flowers, fields, and friends; it couldn't be more beautiful.  I can honestly say I have never seen this much dancing at a reception ha ha! It was so entertaining.  And can we just talk about the venue... I mean a flower garden and amazingly gorgeous barn.... enough said!  Enjoy this extended preview of Rian & Davids wedding day

Venue: Wildwood farms