This sweet girl <3 love her so much! I remember doing her Senior portraits a LONG TIME AGO right when I was first starting out in the photography world, and now look at her! Megan you are such a hard working, strong wonderful lady! I am SO PROUD of who you have become! I am […]

This sweet couple met up with me in Port Austin while we were on our annual family fishing trip. It was so DREAMY! I have known Katie for almost 20 years (wow, I feel old) so when Tyler reached out to ask about the possibility of working with them for their wedding I WAS ELATED! […]

RAINBOW BABIES ALL DAY LONG! Beni & Gabbs are expecting their RAINBOW baby! If you know anything about my journey, then you know that these sessions are such a passion of mine. It is a COMPLETE honor to celebrate this sweet baby and his/her parents! They have been waiting so long for you, little one, […]

One of my FAVORITE things about being a wedding photographer is seeing my sweet brides become little mommas! I will never get over how magical pregnancy is. Well, everything that our bodies go through isn’t necessarily fun to me, but the process and miracle of bringing a child into this world – IT IS A […]

Leighton Ann, you are my rainbow baby! I say this every year… but, you have healed my heart more than you will ever know! I knew God had a reason for us losing our 2nd and 3rd babies, but I had no idea at the time how AMAZING His plan was! When I look back […]

Sweet boy, you made me a momma! What can I say about you to remember the last incredible eight years… You were the sole center of our world for four years. You wouldn’t sleep through the night for your first 3 years of life (ha ha)! You are a perfectionist in every way. You are […]

Does anyone else go a little stir crazy in the winter? It’s cold and dreary… I personally tend to get bored doing the same things everyday. I have been using this cold season to chip away at some house projects that have needed to get done, like tearing down walls, on top of homeschooling our […]






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