One of my FAVORITE things about being a wedding photographer is seeing my sweet brides become little mommas! I will never get over how magical pregnancy is. Well, everything that our bodies go through isn’t necessarily fun to me, but the process and miracle of bringing a child into this world – IT IS A […]

Leighton Ann, you are my rainbow baby! I say this every year… but, you have healed my heart more than you will ever know! I knew God had a reason for us losing our 2nd and 3rd babies, but I had no idea at the time how AMAZING His plan was! When I look back […]

Sweet boy, you made me a momma! What can I say about you to remember the last incredible eight years… You were the sole center of our world for four years. You wouldn’t sleep through the night for your first 3 years of life (ha ha)! You are a perfectionist in every way. You are […]

Does anyone else go a little stir crazy in the winter? It’s cold and dreary… I personally tend to get bored doing the same things everyday. I have been using this cold season to chip away at some house projects that have needed to get done, like tearing down walls, on top of homeschooling our […]

There is nothing better than working with couples over the years, watching them grow and evolve from teens, or seniors in this case, to young adults, watching them meet their “one” and getting to be apart of it ALL! I have known Jared for about eight years and Karlie for almost four years, her momma […]

Sweet boy, we are so blessed to have you as a part of our family! Your sweet sassy, fun-loving personality is so cherished. You love figuring things out. Cars are your favorite thing ever. You love pizza, bananas, and milk. You are about 50% potty trained (totally surprised me). You are so patient with your […]

Oh COVID, how you have disrupted sooo much of so many peoples lives. Taking our loved ones… taking our moments… taking our sanity… Our sweet family has been fortunate through this time. Yes, there are added stresses… if we watch the news or Facebook two much these days my anxiety kicks into high gear. But […]

Where do I begin with these two! Some of the kindest people ever… We had the privilege of meeting Josiah and Harmony at church! She actually reached out to me prior her moving to Ludington about possibly gaining some wedding photography experience! She was an incredible blessing! I was pregnant with Grayson the 2nd year […]

Some of the kindest people ever! Polly & Nolan booked their wedding originally for September of this year… Pollys parents are from Russia and weren’t able to travel (due to the restrictions) so they postponed their date to next year… I was SO HAPPY to finally meet these two love birds! They brought their sweet […]






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